Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub Staff and Advisory Board

In support of the Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub's mission, our staff and advisory board are committed to growing the start-up ecosystem in the Town of Pembroke, Robeson County, and southeastern North Carolina.

Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub Staff

Dr. Susan Peters Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship & Board Secretary

Dr. Susan Peters

Cheryl Rogers Administration

Cheryl Rogers

Thomas Hall Executive Director & Vice Chairman of the Board

Thomas Hall

Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub Board Members

Jim Thomas Chairman of the Board

Jim Thomas

Tyler Thomas Board Member

Tyler Thomas

Harvey Godwin Board Member

Harvey Godwin

Dr. James Doyle Board Member

Dr. James Doyle

David Edge Board Member

David Edge

Johnny Robertson Board Member

Johnny Robertson

Donna Lowry Board Member

Donna Lowry

Gregory Cummings Board Member

Gregory Cummings

Dr. Kimberly Gold Board Member

Dr. Kimberly Gold

Jarrette Sampson Board Member

Jarrette Sampson

Aaron Thomas Board Member

Aaron Thomas

Michael B. O'Brien Board Member

Michael B. O'Brien

Larry Chavis Board Member

Larry Chavis

Robert Locklear Board Member

Robert Locklear