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Dr. Susan Peters Entrepreneurship Class at UNC Pembroke Thinking Outside The Icehouse

By Writer Megan
Wednesday, December 2, 2020 | 9:48 AM | 9 Comments

A year ago, we introduced the book Who Owns the Ice House? as part of ENTR 2000.  This class is the foundation class for business majors and contains mostly freshmen and we get 150 or more students annually.  Many of our students are minority.  Many come from homes of modest means.  On the other hand, few think that they would want to start a business.  Maybe it wouldn’t mean much to them.

This semester, we gave a quiz and asked them for the lesson they learned from the book and discussions.  Here’s SOME of what they had to say:

“The ability to choose your response to our individual circumstances is perhaps the single most powerful ability we have as a human being.” – Reggie Spratling

“It made me understand the responsibility of work and confidence in daring to do things” – Nutwadee Pramnak

“The value of the Ice House is to learn to stay hungry and always want more. Do not achieve your goals and stop striving, you have to keep going.” – Savion Rich

“For someone who is thinking of starting a business, this book can help you get motivated. It’s not just about business, this can help in life. Don’t let setbacks hold you up in life.” – Anthony Brinitzer

“Ice house is extremely important because it’s touching a younger generation about how to be an entrepreneur. Also, how to think outside the box and how to have the correct mindset installed from start of your journey as an entrepreneur.” – Jermain Mckenzie

“A problem is an opportunity; you just have to take it. Anyone can solve that problem.” – Nathan Dunlop

“Push through adversity. Where you are from does not define what you’ll become.” – Liam Christian

“Never give up on what you believe you can succeed in. You have the power to control where you go in life.” – Jamia Alston

“Uncle Cleve’s hard work and dedication to make his dream come true has inspired me and my classmates this semester. He has showed us that there are no excuses as there are a million ways to get it done.” – Alex Oxendine

“Life is like the value of the Ice House -being that in real world, you have to make sacrifices” – Georgianna Waters

“With the right mindset and attitude, you can do anything you want in life, no matter your circumstances.” – Peter Welch

“A true entrepreneur is a do-er, not a dreamer.” – Persaun Bridges