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Inquiry Form for Emergency Mini-Grants for Farmers Impacted by COVID-19

By Writer Megan
Monday, June 22, 2020 | 11:16 AM | 0 Comments

RAFI-USA will be distributing emergency mini-grants of $500 to farmers who are drastically impacted by market sales disruptions caused by COVID-19. Funding is currently limited to farmers located in North Carolina.


If you are a farmer in NC and would like to apply for the mini-grant. Click on the link above to apply today. Applications will close April 26th at 6pm.

If you are NOT a farmer in North Carolina but would like to receive updates if our funding expands to other states, please continue to fill out this form.

This form is simply to gather names and contact information of farmers who would like to apply once our application is released. The mini-grant funds may only be used to cover personal household expenses. They are NOT intended to support the farm operation.