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The Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub supports local entrepreneurs through education, networking events, its unique resources,
and professional assistance. We help start-ups and small businesses succeed and create jobs.

Climb on Board and Gain Traction for Your Business!

The Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub helps start-ups and small businesses whether in the early stages of ideation, simulation, and prototyping, or later stages of strategic planning and execution.

The Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub is also dedicated to developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem in southeastern North Carolina and to creating an environment of growth and prosperity in the local community.

In addition to its educational and networking events – which are open to local entrepreneurs and general public – The Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub also offers:


Idea lab and Co-Working Space

Jumpstart Accelerator Program


Maker's Space and Prototyping Workshop


Affordable, Private Office Space

Our Story

February 2
202 Main St. Before The Incubator

Our vision was to create a place where businesses could come together, network, and learn from one another. We wanted to provide a central location for entrepreneurs to access the resources they need to grow their businesses, whether that's through workshops, mentorship programs, or networking events.

Grand Opening
The Thomas Entrepreneurship HUB Grand Opening.

The highlight of the week was the ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked the official opening of our hub. It was an exciting moment for us and for the community, as we took the first step in building a stronger, more connected business community in Pembroke.

Chancellor's Entrepreneurial Challenge

The Chancellor's Challenge at our hub in Pembroke was a great success! The event brought together students from the region to present their innovative business ideas to a panel of judges. The challenge provided a platform for students to network, develop skills and gain real-world experience in entrepreneurship. Our hub was proud to have hosted the Chancellor's Challenge and to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders at UNC-P.

April 2022
Startup Grind

We were happy to host the world's largest startup community. Startup Grind was founded in 2010. We brought influential speakers in to share their stories and to inspire our Hub community. 


Young Entrepreneurs Event

The Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub recently hosted a Young Entrepreneurs event, providing young students with the opportunity to showcase their creativity and entrepreneurial skills. The event involved presenting their business ideas to a panel of judges and gaining valuable real-world experience in entrepreneurship and project management.

The Young Entrepreneurs event was not only a competition but also an opportunity for kids to learn from one another, network, and develop new skills.

Your Path to Success in The Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub

Our consultants utilize a three-step methodology that takes the client from concept qualification and feasibility to finance, marketing, and management controls, concluding with a well thought out and supported business plan.

What Residents Say About the Incubator

Alfredo Irra Vinyl Kings | Pembroke, NC

The Incubator has provided me with opportunities to be more involved in the community and also a platform to expand my business. The Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub is a nurturing environment that has helped connect me with like-minded individuals which continues to help strengthen my network.

Chef Theo Gumbs, Chef Theo's Deli | Pembroke, NC

The Incubator helped streamline processes for my business such as having the right demographics, making sure my target market is identified, and finding my source of lending. They helped educate me on the issues that will hamper me from opening, making sure that my numbers worked, and knowing what it takes to have my doors open and operational.

Martha Hunt and Sabrina Locklear Ohana Home Care | Pembroke, NC

Gratitude to Mr. Hall, Mr. Mollohan, and Ms. Rogers for continually making our experience at the Incubator a positive one. The Incubator was a big help as they provided us an occupational space, alleviated technological issues, and helped build our network with other businesses. The incubator also provided some assistance from UNC Pembroke’s student interns.

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The Jumpstart

A 5-week, 12-milestone program that helps turn your raw business idea in to a compelling business venture. We focus on qualifying your idea, making sure it is sound and can be delivered. Only after that do we focus on marketing, company structures, and funding. The result is a fully-vetted professional business plan.

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Private and Flexible
Office Space

The Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub provides private, affordable office space for startups and companies-in-residence. These office spaces come fully furnished and connected, which enables your company to be up and running immediately after moving in.

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